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Travel booking conditions

As for payment, І accept  cash, bank transfer, Pay-Pal  or western union.

If I’ll have to go to another city/another country to you or go somewhere for a longer period of time, I request coverage of plane/train ticket cost or possible expenses for taxi to reach the specified destination. The rest of the amount can be paid when we’ll meet, within the first 10 minutes in an open envelope.

We can discuss all the details about our future travel, after you write me a message and indicate what kind of services you would like to order.

If you got interested in my services of personal trainer, travel companion or security escort, please write your suggestions, we’ll discuss them and agree on the best solution for both parties.

If you’re planning to use my services, please feel free to contact me in advance as earlier as possible before our meeting, so that I could correct my schedule and meet you when you wish.

Please NOTE: all travel costs  (plane, train tickets, taxi) are NOT included in my rates.

Respect, Discretion And Privacy

As concerns all my services, indicated herein, I guarantee you high professionalism, discretion and full confidentiality for my clients. Your messages, sent to my phone, will not be read or seen by no one except me.

If I didn’t accept your phone call, you can always write me a message to WhatsApp, VIBER or e-mail and appoint the time of next call to plan our talk.

As a professional, from my side, I guarantee you 100% confidentiality of our talk or correspondence, I also hope for mutual respect and confidentiality from your side either, so that I could keep on rendering my services in the future.

Mutual respect and trust Privacy

During correspondence or telephone conversations, I reserve the right to refuse from rendering my services, if your behavior seems to me unfair or respectless from your side.

I’d like to point out, respect is a foundation for trusting each other during our meetings, so I hope it will be mutual irrespective of any further decision that may be taken in the process of our communication.

Please Note

I do not provide any illegal or immoral services.

The deal is valid only for my client and not for any third party. The content of this web-site concerns exclusively persons, who are 18 years or older.

The services provided by me include security travel escort, fitness training and social engagements or companionship.

I do not bear responsibility for anyone’s poor judgement!