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If you are dreaming to visit some exotic part of planet or exclusive places, spend a weekend at a far villa, go on a cruise, my accompanying you will make your trip an amazing experience with maximum discretion guaranteed.


We all have some deeply intimate fantasies, but only some of us are able to confess of them. Usually we hide our erotic fantasies due to the fear that we’ll be considered vulgar and immoral, and while we’re hiding them, dreaming of them, building fantasies, the strict conservative reality whispers to us: «No, no! Even don’t think to try!» But actually why not try? Why not free your mind from old prejudices and develop a new taste for life??? For perhaps the new sensations, embodied in fantasies, will make you feel in a completely different way, bring positive emotions in your life, inspire for great deeds, return the old passion. So why not try to fulfill your dreams where the main director is only you.


A couple’s romantic vacation is a great opportunity to distance off far from your worries and gray working days, visit the place you’ve been always dreaming of, fill your life with brightest colors, feel yourself desired and get unforgettable impressions. So now you may have these adventures in the company of male vip escort by gifting yourself unforgettable memories.


Would you like to spend your evening somewhere at a cozy café, where no one knows you, and feel the comfortable atmosphere of intimate communication with someone understanding your wishes and aspirations? Or just walk together the streets of an evening city visiting your favorite places, holding his hand and telling him your deepest secrets, you can’t say even to friends? Perhaps you want to spend an evening in a pleasant company at home, having romantic dinner with a glass of wine and watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite music or meditating? If you have these or any other possible deepest wishes – just feel free to contact me and I’ll be your close friend at the 24-hour disposal, making your leisure amazingly colorful, relaxing, meaningful and unforgettable from your memory.


In my youth I started practicing gymnastics and always liked various kinds of sports and healthy life style in general. Later on, I studied the techniques of self-defense and fitness, correcting my small mistakes, made by me from time to time in my training, making me better and improving the progress. I’ve designed fitness programs and planned diets, which actually worked well for me and my friends. Using my experience I start to help people and working as a gym instructor and personal trainer, sharing my knowledge with others. I’m a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer with international experience, having a license to work abroad in any country. 
If you are planning travelling and decided to use my services, I’ll be indeed happy to help you in everything pre-agreed. My services are available for ladies and gentlemen over 18 years old. Welcome to call or message me and we’ll discuss the terms of our agreement that will be the most suitable for you.


Based on my work experience in the sphere of personal security, work as vip persons’ personal driver in Spain and England, I offering my security services and travel companionship at any place around the world.
My security services are available for ladies’ and gentlemen’s escorting to any location, including travelling worldwide or just a walk out for a short time, no matter day or night.
You can describe to me privately what service exactly you need and we’ll discuss the details meeting your personal needs

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